Activating the Powerpack

Need help activating your new free version 1.0 license code? We have created a license upgrade FAQ for users who have bought the Powerpack before 1.0 and need to update their license.

Thank you for purchasing the Alfred Powerpack! Follow the steps below to activate the Powerpack, then have a look at the shortcuts cheatsheet to get you started.

Using the Mac App Store Version?

If you are using the Mac App Store version, you'll need to download Alfred from our website.

Follow this step-by-step video if you are having problems installing Alfred from our website.

To activate…

To activate the Powerpack, you will need to go to the Powerpack tab in your Preferences…


…and then enter your license code together with the email address that you used during your order.


Help! I can't find my license code…

Have a look at the Recover Your License page to find out how to retrieve your Powerpack code.

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