Custom Search Examples

Searching Applications
Search URL to post to Twitter: twitter://post?message={query}
Search URL to search Twitter: twitter://search?query={query}

Search Spotify
Search URL: spotify:search:{query}

Mac App Store by Olivier G
Search URL: macappstore://{query}
Note: App Store must be launched first

FaceTime by julian.neef
Search URL: facetime://{query}
Note: works with email addresses and phone numbers

Developer Tools

Search GitHub by Andy Stewart
Search URL:{query}

Search PHP function list on by Gushy
Search URL:{query}

Search WordPress Codex by Kailey Lampert
Search URL:{query}

Search Ruby on Rails API by Ashley Williams
Search URL:{query}

Search Mootools by Danillo Cesar{query}


Add task to Remember The Milk by Dan Brendstrup
Search URL:{query}

Search your own Delicious bookmarks
Search URL:{query}
Note: You'll need to change "thatcanadiangirl" to your username

Use a simple timer by @ShaDOhs
Search URL:{query}

Google Calendar Quick Add
Search URL:{query}+&action=TEMPLATE&pprop=HowCreated%3AQUICKADD

Quick access to a friend's Facebook profile
Search URL:{query}


Open a game by @ShaDOhs
Search URL: steam://rungameid/{query}

Listen to some music from
Search URL for Artist:{query}&opt1=1
Search URL for Album:{query}&opt1=2
Search URL for Song:{query}&opt1=3

Search Gowalla spots by mKaloer
Search URL:{query}&order=checkins_count%20desc&per_page=20

Search by benherbertson
Search URL:{query}&type=artist

Show me a random kitten!
Search URL:

Netflix Search
Search URL:{query}


Search events on by Leeky
Search URL:{query}&type=conference

Track UPS packages by @PacketCollision
Search URL:{query}&track.x=Track

Check the status on "Down for everyone or just me?" by Jonathan Bloom
Search URL: